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As a Public Speaker, American Journalist,  Minister, and Social Justice Activist a Global Citizen. Gregg Greer has lectured on Global Diversity, building social and civic responsibility, the life of Dr. King, civil rights, Aids (HIV) in Communities, American politics and civic engagement, leadership, social activism, redefining American Manhood, Youth in America, and The African-American Experience, among other topics, at community centers, and organizations of faith and religion. Greer has lectured at Conferences, and Universities, and for Private groups. In addition to schools, camps, prisons and on the streets of Urban America.

Publication5 Gregg L Greer Beginnings

MGIn 1994 Gregg’s brother passed away at 30 years old due to complications from HIV and doing major soul-searching within two years he was enrolled in Theological Seminary and College. This low point in his life inspired Greer want to help others.  With change heavy on his mind,  “I spent a few years soul-searching,” Greer says “My extensive background, made me a natural to enter into the multimedia world and Greer was looking for a fresh start, so he moved to Virginia and developed and began working on part-time on a Christian Radio Show called the, “Crossroads.”
Around that time Greer began to see how multimedia could influence mass audiences and could become a powerful tool for outreach.
Gregg became outspoken critic of Economic Oppression, Genocide, and the Death penalty Furthermore, Greer routinely offers his insights on a variety of matters, to, radio, newspaper, magazine, and internet outlets globally.

Greer is the founder of four organizations including The Guilty in Innocence Project, of which he is president. In 2010, he founded the Freedom First International, a non-governmental organization (NGO) working for alternatives to racial hate and promoting world peace. He founded and working on The League of Nations, an international  advocacy group for justice. In 2007, he founded Urban Christian Leadership Institute, a National NGO dedicated to “building and developing strong leadership-keeping the Dream of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. alive. His first book, The Need for Urban Christian Leadership, will be released on early 2017. It (See Bio Page)

Publication5(Greer follows the example of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.)


As a prominent member of the Southern Christian leadership Conference SCLC -Greer believes and follows the personal example of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, The SCLC’s Founding President.

the Guilty in Innocence Project are dedicated to exonerating wrongfully convicted people through Investigation and Public Lobby reforming the criminal justice system to prevent future injustice, wrongful convictions.

The Guilty in Innocence Project

 One of Greer’s current project includes The Guilty in Innocence Project which works to exonerate those wrongfully convicted and highlight those cases to prevent wrongful convictions in addition to working to bring about change within the Criminal Justice System. Greer is also a card-carrying member of Amnesty International.

Freedom First International The Freedom First International was originally formed in 2009. The main aim was to advance the cause of civil rights, human rights and Social Justice.

Freedom First International The Freedom First International was originally formed in 2009. The main aim was to advance the cause of civil rights, human rights and Social Justice.

Currently, Greer is building a Human Rights organization called the Freedom First International focused around the world to fight for Social Justice causes.
“I believe Faith and Social Leadership are two powerful combinations and valuable tools for social change.” Says Greer. My work within the Christian Community is a never-ending and highly engaged outreach, Also a way to gain valuable perspective. Greer says.

Publication5 One1world Journal (Editor)


One (1) World is a Citizen-driven THINK TANK initiative, founded by Gregg L. Greer that includes various media interest to search for ideas that help will bring social change: by connecting thousands of people from all around the world- we want to generate ideas that gain national attention and give the communities a voice. We’re taking an important step toward building a powerful movement for change on these issues. Guess what, we’re only just beginning. One world media properties include a radio station, newspaper, and a 24 hour online new wire.

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Publication5 Events Curent / (Past)


Blue Lives Matter Not

Chuck's Event




NO mOre Black Friday

alpha March


M Boycott





Break The Blue (Cleveleand, Ohio)

Break The Blue (Ohio)

March 8, 2015 Selma, AL

March 8, 2015 Selma, AL


Police Brutality GSU 1-16-2015

Police Brutality GSU 1-16-2015


World Human Rights Day 2013 (Manning, SC)

Break The Grip of Same Rally

Break The Grip of Same Rally-(Florida State Capitol)

Stand Your Ground Rally

Stand Your Ground Rally

Crisis in Chicago Town Hall 3-7-2015

Crisis in Chicago Town Hall 3-7-2015

911 Event 9-11-2014

911 Event 9-11-2014

Stand Your Ground (2)

Stand Your Ground (2)

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